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The story of Rostock’s magnificent town development is to be told in the DVD’s seven episodes. Thereby, the magical number 7 is being used deliberately. Since, according to town chronicler Peter Lindenberg (1562-1596), the life of this town pulsates between seven gates, seven streets and seven lime trees, among others. In addition to a lot of living history many new things are being re-counted. Ground breaking events, such as the joining of the Hanseatic League of Cities in 1358, the development of the port or the peaceful revolution in the late 1980s, are thus the main focal point. In doing so, crises caused by wars, economical and political dis- agreements, are not being blanked out. At the end Rostock’s current standing beco- mes apparent: a cosmopolitan centre for tourism, science and economy by the sea.

Eight companies and institutions have been promoting the production of this DVD and have supported this important document of the town’s history on the 800th anniversary of the city.

Length: 110 min

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